Mushtaaque is a living example of ‘Dedication’, ‘Commitment’, Perfection’ and ‘Conviction’.

Besides being an accomplished actor of stage, Radio & Television, he is a theatre practitioner for the last more than 4 decades.

He has received many awards for Acting, Direction & Set Designing for Stage.

He is one of the leading Film Makers of Kashmir and for the last more than 3 decades and has been directing Documentary Films, Tele Films and Serials for Doordarshan.

He has been awarded, honoured and felicitated from time to time by State Cultural Academy, other prestigious organisations and associations for his contribution in the field of Film Making.

His achievements include award of ‘Senior Fellowship’ by Ministry of Culture. He Is first film maker of the valley, who Produced & Directed Documentaries for UGC’s countrywide classroom through AVRC of Kashmir University. He is founder / director of ‘Kashmir World Film Festival’ – a first of its kind and magnitude in Kashmir.

For the last about 1 and a half decade he has been regularly conducting ‘Film Festivals’, ‘Theatre Festivals’, Theatre Workshops’, ‘Seminars’, ‘Interactions’, ‘Discussions’ and other functions on the subjects related to Art, Culture, Film & Literature.

He is Chairman of ‘ACT’ (Actors’ Creative Theatre), an organisation, active in the field of Art, Culture, Film & Literature, since 1976.

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