The festival being organised with an endeavour to catalyse a vibrant documentary, short film & feature film movement. This festival is built around film movement and associated activities to create and explore a platform for the film makers, activists, students, scholars and people who love films.

To us it is a celebration of films, discussion of films, watching films, which show the different feelings, different aspects of life, different shades of a society is something we always have desired to experience.

This festival is committed to bringing the best of the world’s films to Kashmir and to provide a platform for talented domestic and international filmmakers to showcase their works. In addition to this, interaction with the directors, actors, film making workshops, seminars on various aspects of films will also be held.

This festival is being initiated with a vision to support the independent film makers as well as to bring international films to Kashmir.

We firmly believe that Kashmir is the place where feature films, short fiction films, documentaries, music videos, experimental films and animations from around the world and across the state will get proper appreciation.

Increasing accessibility and affordability of media technology has led to a boom in the production and scope of films. The media is now used by image makers from all walks of life to express, experiment, learn and as an effective tool to bring about social change.

Movies should project what we truly enjoy and that is a beautiful life that is full of love and caring for each other. Such movies in a way influence real life, thus such movies should be the one we should watch and make. Movies allow us to experience a life that we may never really get to experience by placing ourselves on the shoes of the characters on the movie being watched. If we are watching a movie showing a protagonist as a general during World War II, we in some way experience through the movie the life of that general and his actions and adventures.

Real life story movies allow us to witness the life of others which was experienced by them in real life at some point in time. We get to admire them on how they are able to solve and endure their real life challenges.

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