A. Film Awards (National Section)
1. Experimental Film : Beautiful Me (By Nupur Sandhu)
2. Short Documentary : The Story of a race against time (Kotpad Veawing) (By Biswanath Rath)
3. Short Fiction Film : Kul Gov Garam (By Arif Mushtaq Mir)
4. Short Fiction Film : (Special jury award) : Talk to me Precious (Pesum Por Chithirame) (By Sabarivasan Shanmugam)
5. Feature Fiction Film : Aalorukkam (By V C Abhilash)
6. Feature Fiction Film (Special jury award) : Sadho (By Danish Iqbal)
7. Feature Length Doc. : Aamo Aakha Ekse (By Pratibha Sharma)

B. Film Awards (International Section)
1. Short Fiction : The Fear of Silence (Bhoy) (By Zuarjah Mou of Bangladesh)
2. Short Fiction (Jury’s Special) : The Illusion Seller (Khayolfurush) (By Sharofat Arabova of Tajikistan)
3. Feature Fic.Film : Haldaa (By Tauquir Ahmad of Bangladesh)

C. Film Awards (Kashmir Section)
1. The Stitch (Teab) (By Aasiya Zahoor)

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